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Vision of the Latino Senior Elders in Denver

Personas Mayores and The Latino Senior/Elder Coalition for Education and Advocacy Personas Mayores In April of 2012 several elders who united and came together produced several surveys in Spanish and English for Latino Seniors and they utilized a best practice  community readiness tool after the surveys were completed.  They took several months to complete the surveys using new skills to gather the data.  A volunteer senior researcher compiled the information and presented the finding to the community at a large. Their next steps were to build the promotor@ model for elders 55 and up from the input from the surveys.  Additionally, the elders formed a coalition.  We applied to the Rose Foundation for a planning grant through the Colorado Latino Age wave. The coalition is The Latino Senior/Elder Coalition for Education and Advocacy. The planning grant was used to convene meetings with the Latino seniors/elders to submit another grant for two year funding.  The three goals: to develop digital stories to be done by the Latino seniors.   These stories were to be used to create awareness and to be used to help create culturally congruent health messaging to the Latino community.  These stories (cuentos) would also be utilized for advocacy purposes for advocacy at the policy level. The second goals was to create senior promotoras  who will recruit for the workshops and provide education and services and form other partnerships with other agencies and coalitions.  The third is that the coalition would be part of advocating at the state level with some of our partners. Our partners at this time are:  Colorado Latino Leadership Advocacy & Research Organization (CLLARO), Mental Health Corporation of Denver (MHCD), Colorado Center for Law and Policy, University of Colorado at Denver, Journey Through Our Heritage, and Su Teatro in addition NAMI, Visiting Nurses, Hunger Free Alzheimer Association, AHECA, and more are joining. Unfortunately not all our goals can be attained through one small grant.  The digital stories were not funded.  So we are presently searching funding for that component, especially to create messaging that is culturally congruent for this specific population. Personas Mayores has now grown into a program that has a coalition, creating senior promotor@s, creating a place for having wellness fairs, and the long term goal of creating a Latino resource center. The Latino Senior/Elder Coalition for Education and Advocacy The mission of the Latino Senior/Elder Coalition for Education and Advocacy is to provide opportunities for access to health care and information for Latinos senior/elders through Health Pachangas (Wellness fairs) and other educational and wellness programs.  This is to create knowledge and awareness of all forms of healthcare, wellness, healthy choices, and basic needs. Vision To work together to address the health disparities that affect the Latino communities in Metro Denver, forward thinking of creating a Latino resource center,  entry point to provide education, advocacy and to build relationships with other organizations, coalitions, health practitioners and wellness providers.