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Donde Esta, where is SOCUE?

Donde Esta, where is SOCUE?

Cultivating Promoters of health mind, body and spirit: Promotoras has always been our mission. Sisters of Color United for Education has created economic opportunities, and opportunities for wellness for thousands of individuals, families, generations and across cultures. As Colorado’s Oldest Promotora program, we have forged a path at the forefront of educating and training community health workers, now recognized as a part of the health care system. Participants have gained essential skills to work within non-profits, or have even taken it to the next level and started their own programs, businesses and community services. We are blessed, and fundamentally transformation is at the core of our souls, and that is why we are catalysts for change. Keeping our perspectives fresh, we are able to take concepts, such as Promtoras, harm reduction & drug policy, Food as Medicine and holistic health and wellness to the next level. Chances are if you have heard of these concepts, or even are making them happen in your life or workplace- you should thank...

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