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Living with HIV/AIDS?

You or someone you love Living with HIV or AIDS?

COMADRES can assist you and your family to Help Yourself and Design a plan:

    • Day to day activities such as medication and lifestyle/nutrition
    • Attending support groups
    • Finding Complimentary & Alternative Wellness practices that can help you stay healthy and productive
    • Linking with mental health services such as individual, couple and family therapy
    • Art Therapy

As a participant  you can receive medical case management, to help you navigate the healthcare system, and help decide and stick to a treatment regiment.  We can help provide resources to be able to disclose to your family and loved ones.  You are eligible to receive free mental health services, and substance abuse treatment.  Some participants are eligible for transportation and emergency services.

Know your options to live a happy and healthy life.

Sometimes getting a positive result can result in stress and anxiety, but you can reach out for confidential help.  You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Call today 303.446.8800

HIV/AIDS Information & Resources

This is a shared video, but we feel aligned with the statements made in it.